Black Sherif

I’m Humbled To Have Caught The Attention Of Akon – Black Sherif

Black Sherif

According to Black Sherif, he is honored that Senegalese-American musician Akon has taken notice of him.

In an interview, The A-Lister expressed his admiration for Black Sherif and his willingness to sign the musician if no major company expressed interest.

In an interview, the singer of “The Kwaku The Traveller” said, “Such words will motivate me to accomplish more. Although celebrities like Snoop Dogg have made such remarks to me, I don’t let it get to my head.

Additionally, he added that rather than making him feel arrogant, these high-profile accolades humbled him.

“I view them as praise and a challenge to do better. Ghanaians and the rest of the globe are ready to witness something incredible from me as Black Sherif simply gets going,” he continued.

First and Second Sermon, Kwaku The Traveller, and other top-charting songs helped Black Sherif become well known internationally.

The Villain I Never Was, the Konongo native’s debut album, is currently at the top of the digital streaming charts, finishing off a fruitful year for him.

Additionally, he took use of his newfound fame by conducting a successful concert on December 21 as Mosama Disco.

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