I Don’t Belong To Any Record Label – J.Derobie Reveals


Award-winning musician J.Derobie from Ghana has admitted that he is not currently signed to a record company.

J.Derobie said that he has deals with other companies like emPawa even if he isn’t currently employed by any music company during an interview with Sammy Flex on CTV’s Class Showbiz.

“I don’t have a record deal. However, I have a distribution agreement with emPawa (Africa),” he continued, “but it’s going to expire.”

J.Derobie clarified his relationship with emPawa by saying that his agreement with Nigerian music icon Mr. Eazi was for distribution rather than a record label.

Mr. Eazi is knowledgeable about the music industry, he said, but “at the time [they met], it was the kind of arrangement that I was able to get.” He then clarified that it was more of a distribution agreement.

He emphasized, “We’ve worked all this time, even though it’s ending.

He emphasized, “Even this album, I dropped it with emPawa. It is a component of the agreement.

“It’s been excellent and thoughtful,” he stated when asked about his experience working with emPawa.

He repeated, “I’ve learnt a lot,” and stated he would be willing to extend the distribution agreement after its expiration if done so only after careful review and due diligence. After signing, we’ll proceed.

He indicated that he will seek certain revisions to the current agreement based on what he has learned since 2019.

In a matter-of-fact tone, he replied, “It’s not about the money.

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