Nigel Gaisie

Nigel Gaisie describes God’s face after seeing Him four times

Nigel Gaisie

Many people who listened to Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s interview on Wednesday morning were in awe of his revelation that he has had multiple encounters with God.

The Leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel said that he was allowed the exceptional honor not just once, but four times, despite the fact that numerous verses of the Bible he employs for his ministry make it quite plain that no one has the capacity to see God and live.

He discussed the bizarre events that occurred before he encountered God in an interview with GTV and how they fueled his desire to serve the Kingdom of God.

The Prophet claimed that when he was given the command, while still in bed, was when he first encountered God.

He fell into a deep sleep as a result of the bed shaking violently, and then the wall’s image of God appeared.

“I could hear the image calling to me, and it was bubbling like many waters. The image radiates, making the eyes of the image invisible to me. Just now, I noticed that the hair on the forehead looks like wool and is similar to an older Caucasian’s. I noticed legs resembling lamb’s legs. I am God, and I have called you to fulfill my work,” he stated as he turned to leave.

When they encounter each other in different locations in the spiritual realm, he claims that God speaks to him in a variety of languages, including his mother tongue, Twi, English, and other languages.

He stumbled when asked if God was white before responding, “I can’t say he’s white, but he’s definitely not black.”

When Prophet Gaisie claimed that his most recent encounter with an angel occurred two weeks earlier, he further raised a commotion.

My spirit was carried to the taxi stand by the Lord. It was an infant. The picture showed a young youngster getting into a taxi. I saw the angelic wing as the taxi was leaving, and he told me that everything would be alright very soon,” he stated.

This is the reason why his theme for 2023 is “Restoration.”

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