Alleged audio of Mzbel accusing Bishop Ajagurajah of rape & scam surfaces

The singer Mzbel allegedly accuses Bishop Ajagurajah of rape and swindle in an audio clip that has surfaced online.

An unidentified woman was heard recalling her first visit to Bishop Ajagurajah’s church premises for a solution to her troubles in a video that was posted online.

The young woman claimed that when she arrived at the Ajagurajah Movement Centre, one of Bishop Ajagurajah’s staff informed her that the man of God had expressed interest in her and would like to visit her in his rooms. This was according to the voice on the audio clip.

The woman further said that Bishop Ajagurajah contacted her after the church service was over, repeating the word of his servant and professing to her that she had been chosen in the spiritual realm to be his bride.

The person in the clip also leveled serious accusations against Ajagurajah, saying that he wasn’t a true man of God but rather a rapist and con artist who intended to take advantage of her and get his way.

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