Koforidua: Woman arrested for allegedly using rotten ingredients to prepare shito

A 58-year-old woman was detained in Koforidua, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on suspicion of preparing spicy black pepper sauce, or Shito, for consumption by the general public using unwholesome ingredients.

According to reports, Elizabeth Arthur has been collecting discarded shito materials from local eateries, including rotten tomatoes, onion peels, and ginger peels.

She then grinds the worm and maggot-infested chunks together in a mill machine to create her harmful product.

Residents who had been watching her for a while made the decision to keep a tight eye on her in an effort to figure out how she uses the combined substances.

They were shocked to learn that Madam Arthur had been supplying the public with the waste materials under the name shito at a well-known Kenkey restaurant in Kofofidua.

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