Prank gone wrong as female prankster gets slapped

Evidently, you need knowledge to know when to stop playing practical jokes, but this one seems to have lost her sense of morality.

They become disoriented as soon as they consider their TikTok commitments. However, the man shouldn’t have struck her.

After posting a video of her storming a viewing area to turn off the TV while people were watching a football game, a Nigerian woman sparked outrage online.

The young woman was spotted among football fans watching the Arsenal vs. Manchester United match in a video that is quickly becoming popular on social media.

She abruptly got to her feet and walked over to where the TV and second stereo were set up.

The female prankster bravely shut off the television, shocking the football fans.

Many people responded strongly to the video, arguing that the woman shouldn’t have been physically mistreated because she didn’t injure anyone.

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