Afia Schwarzenegger

Approve LGBTQ in Ghana – Afia Schwarzenegger to Prez Nana Addo

Afia Schwarzenegger, an actress and radio host, has pleaded with Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to disregard Ghanaians and legalize homosexuality in Ghana.

The controversial figure claims that if he accepts the legalization of LGBTQ individuals in Ghana, there is nothing Ghanaians and others can do about it, not even parliament.

She stated that Parliament authorized the E-levy even though they were well aware of the complaints from the public; so, why won’t they approve this?

In a video, Afia Schwarzenegger highlighted that legalizing or approving LGBTQ has a financial component and that lawmakers who need cash for their campaigns will vote in favor of it.

visit her page for the full video…

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