Nigel Gaisie

Nana Romeo accuses Nigel Gaisie of snatching his girlfriend from him

Renowned Ghanaian radio host Nana Romeo accused Nigel Gaisie of sleeping with his fiancée and eventually stealing her away.

Nana Romeo, who has made these serious accusations against the man of God, claims that although he was like a brother to Nigel Gaisie, the man of God had bad intentions for the latter.

He explained that after introducing his wealthy girlfriend to Nigel Gaisie as his brother, the man of God developed feelings for her after first meeting her.

Nigel Gaisie and his ex-girlfriend began privately communicating and going on dates soon after they first met.

Nigel Gaisie eventually managed to snag his wealthy girlfriend, who purchased him a Toyota Camry and also rented him an apartment.

Nana Romeo claims that despite Nigel Gaisie’s betrayal of his confidence and management of their enviable relationship, he will never forget or forgive him.

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