Moesha Bodoung


Moesha Bodoung, a well-known actress and socialite who is now a born-again Christian, has admitted that she will still be gorgeous despite giving her life to Christ.

Moesha has commented on the recent sexually explicit videos and pictures that she uploaded on her Facebook. She asserts that she will continue to look good for Christ.

Many admirers have been baffled as to why socialite Moesha, who just converted to Christianity, has started posting strange videos of herself online. Following Moesha’s recent return to social media, this has happened.

The Born-again slay queen has made clear on her Facebook that sex is the focus of her business. She went on to add that despite becoming a Christian, she would still remain the world’s most controversial socialite, actress, and sensual dancer.

She wrote in the caption of the photo, “When I start to dance, all eyes are on me. I can’t wait to expand my brand and, with God Almighty’s assistance, make soo much money from partying and organizing entertainment programs all over the world.

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