The Moment Black Sherif hit the streets of Nima with Nigerian superstar Asake


Since his entrance during the Christmas celebrations for two significant music events, Afrochella and Afro Nation, Nigerian superstar Asake appears to be enjoying his stay in Ghana.

The streets of Nima in Accra, Ghana, couldn’t get enough of the outstanding Ghanaian artist Black Sherif and his Nigerian teammate, Asake, yesterday, January 1, 2023, when they chose to take to the streets on December 1, 2023.

As they moved through the main streets, the two performers were being cheered on by a large number of their supporters who were perched on top of a Land Cruiser.

To ensure that the automobiles in the convoy of these renowned musicians could travel freely and without hindrance, the security crew they had with them had to work very hard and relentlessly.

After finishing their street tour, Blacko and Asake posed for photos with some prominent Nima community members and their biggest supporters.

Asake has been in Ghana since the 2022 Christmas celebrations for Afrochella and Afro Nation, two significant musical events.

Black Sherif is also anticipated to perform alongside Ololade Ahmed, also known as Asake, the singer of “Mr. Money,” at the inaugural Beer With Us Festival (BWUFEST), scheduled for Friday, January 6, 2023, at the Landmark Leisure Beach in Oniru, Lagos.

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