Man petitions IGP after losing 18K to online scammers

A citizen of the internet has petitioned the regional command of the Ghana Police service to assist him in finding certain people who stole his money.

The petitioner, who has been identified as Bright Ewusi, claims that when looking for an apartment, he chose to look online. He came across one on JiJI and contacted the individual who had placed the ad.

Throughout the course of their talk, the individual informed him that the apartment was being sold for GHC1,500 and provided him with another phone number to call in order to speak with the actual landlord, which he did.

After haggling with them, they decided that he would pay Ghc1,300 a month, and they scheduled a meeting to inspect the property on a different day.

He claims that he and his wife were taken to the Tantra Hills condo after meeting the con artists at North Kaneshie, which they represented as their place of business.

After viewing and inspecting the property, they handed over GHC 16k as rent, received the apartment’s keys, and were instructed to come to their office the following day so that paperwork could be completed.

The next morning around 7 am, they called him again and demanded more money, saying it would be used to repair the air conditioning in the room. They then sent a message to the number the guy had given them.

When they arrived in the alleged office of the persons after making that payment, they were informed that it was actually a movie theater. He and his wife proceeded directly to the apartment, where they saw another man who introduced himself as the housekeeper and informed them that the place wasn’t available for rent.

Since that time, all attempts to contact the folks have been ineffective because all of their phone numbers have been disconnected.

He is therefore calling on the Ghana Police to help him locate these scammers operating online.

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